Importance of Retaining an Attorney for Divorce

Although a divorce is a rather lengthy and difficult process, it is also a very important and beneficial step in one’s life. It requires much effort and dedication to get the divorce decree, as well as lots of patience and sacrifice.

The civil process of a divorce can be initiated by either party in a divorce case. A person can file for divorce by themselves or with the help of a Divorce Attorney. The divorce process generally takes a couple of months or even a year to complete, depending on the nature of the divorce and how far along the other person is in the process.

Generally, the divorce process begins with the filing of a petition by either spouse. The petition is a legal document that is signed by both parties in order to initiate the divorce proceedings. Usually, this form is called a petition for divorce, as it can be filed either in the county where the divorce case will be heard or at the courthouse. In the majority of states, the petition will include a list of grounds for the divorce such as adultery, domestic violence, and/or child support.

The divorce case is then heard by a judge who will take the time to review the petitions to ensure that all the paperwork is filled out correctly. After reviewing the petition, the judge will decide if the petition was properly filed. If it was, then the judge will send the petition to the district court in the county where the divorce case will be heard. Then, a notice of the pending divorce hearing will be posted in the courthouse and sent to all the parties involved.

The parties to the divorce can appeal the hearing by way of a motion or certificate of no show, and both the party filing the appeal and the party to the divorce must appear in court before the judge. The judge will then announce his decision and the parties will either have to agree to the judge’s decision or ask for an additional hearing before the judge.

This is where the filing for divorce and the final decree of divorce will be filed with the district court. After the final decree of divorce is filed, then the parties will be allowed to receive each other’s property. In addition, all of the financial obligations are finalized in the court.

If the parties fail to agree on the final decree of divorce, then a mediator will be appointed by the judge. The mediator will act as a third party to the divorce case and will listen to all sides of the argument. If the mediator cannot resolve the matter or the parties cannot come to an agreement on a divorce decree, then the judge will appoint a mediator and they will be able to mediate through a neutral third party.

A divorce decree is final and cannot be changed or amended after it is filed, said St. Pete Divorce Lawyer. A divorce is not something that one should rush into, but should be carefully thought out and always seek advice from Divorce Attorneys prior to filing for divorce. If one decides to go through with a divorce, then they should make sure that they are fully prepared for the ordeal.